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Minimize the stress of


Moving doesn't have to be stressful!

I will guide you through the process of sorting your belongings so you can choose what to bring with you in a thoughtful way. I hone in on what your family needs to feel settled and connected to your new home, and help you pack up what you are bringing with you.

If you are helping your parents downsize or transition to assisted living, know that you don't have to do it alone. I guide family members through the often emotional process of sorting through a lifetime of memories so that when it's time to move, we can set up the new space in a way that honors your parents' remarkable lives.

Shelving Downsizing or Moving organizing services


I believe that downsizing can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

For that to happen, it is important to begin this process as far in advance as possible so that there is plenty of time.

Time to tell stories.

Time to sift through a lifetime of memories.

Time to celebrate a life well spent.

I have been present for moments of grief that were truly humbling, moments of relief that were palpable, and moments of fear for what the future holds.

I'll guide you through the downsizing process with support and encouragement, so that when it is time to pack and move to a much smaller space, you'll feel happy with what you have chosen to bring with you.


"Sarah is a lifesaver!  She helped me pack up my kitchen for our move to our new home. She is a packing machine with a great eye for efficiency and safety. The packing supplies she brought with her - boxes, bubble, tissue - reduced our waste tenfold.


I can't say enough how much peace and joy she brings to the moving process. Thank you Sarah!"

Janina | Williston, Vermont


Most homes don't need to be staged to show well.  What makes a successful showing is a welcoming and inviting environment that allows your home's best features to shine. 

And yet, potential buyers are affected by clutter or disorganized spaces. Because I'm a professional home organizer, I will help you sort, declutter, re-organize and remove things you no longer need or don't fit your lifestyle anymore.  Not only will the process prepare your home for selling, but it will also ensure that you take only the things you love to your new home. 

Show buyers how well your closets and cupboards work for you!

Interior Design Downsizing or Moving organizing services
Downsizing or Moving organizing services Cardboard Boxes


Each move is as unique as those who are moving. I provide a strategic plan and a timeline that suits your individual needs so details don't fall through the cracks and you can relax, knowing you have an extra set of hands with years of experience to guide you through the process. 

I love to pack! Let me take the stress out of your move and do it for you!

I can pack as little, or as much as you need, to make sure you are ready when the movers arrive. 

In addition to getting ready for the move, I provide moving day support, to be by your side for whatever is needed: coordinating with the movers, setting up your children's bedrooms so they have somewhere cozy to settle in, or unpacking the kitchen.

From carefully packing your things to helping you settle into your new home, I bring ease to your big transition.


Would you like a low-stress transition?

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