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Create a calm, connected and organized life, for yourself and your children.

Home Harmony is an eight hour coaching and organizing program completely tailored to you and your family so you can finally bring order to your living space and your daily rhythms.

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Parenting is incredibly hard, especially now when parents are facing unique challenges as they navigate the digital world, economic turmoil, educational pressures, and the constant reminder to “find the balance”.

I teach parents how to create daily rhythms that nurture family harmony, and together we find solutions for the endless flow of stuff that enters the home.


We take a deep dive into your space (if you're local, I'll come to your house). You decide where we focus and we'll use practical organizing strategies to bring order to the places that need it the most.


This is not about doing more at home -- who has time for that? You have a precious kiddo to love and guide! I will teach you a simple, heart-centered approach that's easy to implement and allows you to care for your own needs while tending to your family.

What you will receive

  • Home Harmony is an 8 hour coaching and organizing program that's customized for you and your family. We'll use your core family values and their relation to your space to bring peace, harmony, and focus into your daily rhythms.


  • We’ll start with a 60 minute Zoom session where we'll uncover your parenting + organizing strengths and struggles, and we'll identify the first steps you can take toward a creating a home that works for you and your family.


  • We’ll continue with additional in-person (if you're local) and online sessions so I can observe the systems you have in place and help you organize your physical spaces so you and your family can experience reduced stress, stronger family bonds, and more intentionality throughout the day.


  • You’ll leave each session with at least one area of your home organized in a way that reflects your unique needs.


  • I'll offer coaching, practical resources, and support you as create space for what's important for you and your family.

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Children thrive with rhythm and routine, and one of the best things we can do for our children is provide daily routines that support their natural need for rhythm.

When your family rhythms are unsettled, your children will be sure to let you know that it's not working for them! I work closely with parents who long for more ease.  Together we bring a balance of work, play and rest into your family life so that you and your child experience more calm and connection.


You'll learn to observe patterns and easily adjust rhythms so that your relationship with your children is filled with spaciousness.


In a culture where we are often told that more is better, who isn't overwhelmed by the constant flow of "stuff" that enters the home? From treasures found on walks to stacks of paper from school, gifts from grandparents, and all the toys already in the playroom, how do you bring order to it all?

I've seen time and time again how a clutter-free space promotes creativity and resilience. An organized home provides a structured and predictable environment that can help children feel more secure and less anxious. This isn’t about the perfectly labeled set of bins or having a pinterest-worthy playroom, this is about curating a functional and sustainable space for you and your family.

I'll help you sort through what's important, find places for what you truly treasure, and create easy to maintain systems for dealing with the rest.

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Family Calm Mother with her Two Kids


Parenting can be tough, and sometimes it feels impossible to sustain a deep loving, supportive connection with your child while trying to juggle all that's required to simply get through the day.

But being tired, overwhelmed and full of doubts about your parenting is not sustainable either.

You know your child better than anyone, but sometimes you forget, or don't know how to access your parenting wisdom. This wisdom is grounded, centered and steadying. It fosters connection and ease.

Your child needs the full you - the wise, clear thinking, calm you that knows exactly what your child needs in order to thrive. I'll help you explore ways to connect to your parenting genius so you can bring harmony to family life.


Children need to know that they play a meaningful role in the fabric of family life. But how do you build the rhythm of happy helpers into your home?

I work with parents who want to decrease power struggles around chores, and increase their children's confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Together we will create a clear rhythm of age-appropriate, meaningful work. I'll show you how to support your children and yourself as they are learning new habits, and you'll learn to value their contributions from a place of neutrality.

The result? Less stress and frustration for you and your kids and more flexibility, confidence, creativity and dependability in your family.

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Welcome. I'm Sarah.

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From the time of my first pregnancy, I've been called to understand how to fully support my children to become who they are in the world. I read all types of child development resources and ultimately focused my studies on the foundational need for developing healthy rhythm and routines in the early years in combination with my passion for calm, functional organizing.


As a mom of four daughters, I've had my share of parenting struggles and joys over the last 30 years. Through my parenting journey, I've learned how to trust myself and my own wisdom and to nurture family harmony in a way that supports me and my children. It wasn't always easy, but I'm proud to say that I now have a family life that integrates flow, balance, rhythm, observation and spaciousness. 


I distill what has worked for me and so many other families, and offer practical solutions, grounded in love and tailored to you and your child.


"Working with Sarah has been a game changer. Her step by step process for organizing (and in my case purging) our family's things, her practical suggestions, and her support to actually complete the organizational tasks we embark on have made a big difference in my ability to be calm and relaxed in our home. That translates to a calmer house in general. Thank you, Sarah!"

Kat | Stowe, Vermont


Nurture connection and harmony in ways that support you and your kids.

Schedule a Zoom call with me so you can tell me a bit about yourself, your family and your organizing needs.

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