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How to declutter your closet as a form of self-care

Before you sort through your closet, picture how you want to feel in your future.

Couple with moving boxes

When we look with love at what’s in our closet, our clothes might reveal that we are holding on to what our body used to look like, the job we used to have, or the social scene that used to bring us joy. For many of my clients, the emotion and stagnant energy tied up in keeping clothes that no longer reflect who they are, prevent them from having space to move forward. If this sounds familiar, I invite you to contemplate this question:

What would your wardrobe be like if you bought clothes for where you are heading or for where you are now?

Before you declutter your closet this spring, picture how you want to feel in your future. Select three adjectives that capture a future that would delight you and then approach each piece of clothing with curiosity. Picture yourself wearing the item (or actually try it on) and ask yourself: “Does this piece of clothing make me feel X, Y and Z (your adjectives)?”

Love yourself enough to have your clothes reflect who you are and who you are becoming. There seems to be so much guilt around getting rid of clothes that no longer serve us, but consider this: if you are not wearing it, you are wasting it. Someone else could wear your clothes and love them.

Understand what makes you feel good.

If an article of clothing brings up regret or resistance, please move it along so you can make space for what you love. Give yourself permission to wear only what makes you feel good.

Love yourself enough to look to your future and sense who you are becoming. As you move clothes out of your closet and only wear what truly makes you feel good, know that you are making space for the new version of yourself that the world needs now.

A special note for those who like to save clothes for "someday when...":

Often we keep clothes with the hope that we will lose weight or get a different job. If you have extra storage space in your home, go ahead and select a few favorite items that you might wear later, being honest with yourself whether the style will still be relevant in the future. Store these clothes somewhere other than in your closet. If you find yourself hanging on to “someday when” clothes that are more than one size above or below where your body is now, please pass them along so you free up space to move into your new future.


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