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Clients share their


Offered with gratitude.


"Wow! I didn’t know it was possible that home organizing could inspire so much joy.

Sarah doesn’t just bring order and functionality to a space; she also helps you connect with what truly serves you. Working with her brings ease, happiness and efficiency."

Kristin, Shelburne


"When I first met Sarah, I knew she was kind. We talked about my house over tea, and she told me she wasn’t Marie Kondo.


I told her about my dilemma, that I wanted to get rid of things, but also to keep everything. That I wanted to downsize into the future, but also return to the joyful past when frustrated teen, overworked husband, and restless retriever left their messes everywhere. How I miss their messes.


Sarah listened. Her listening was a boat. I stepped aboard, untied, and took the tiller in hand with Sarah next to me. When it was time to get packing she morphed into a dexterous dervish.


Now I’m safe in a new harbor. It’s a nice harbor, with more of the future and less of the past in sight. It’s going to be a lovely sunset tonight."

Chris, South Burlington


"Sarah has a gift. She understands change and knows that letting go of belongings is often more of an emotional than a physical process.


I find that simply being in Sarah's presence gives me the clarity to finally get rid of things I've thought about discarding for years. Add her high emotional intelligence to her keen sense of space and organization skills, and you get a remarkable partner who cheers for your success."

Rachel, Huntington


"I originally hired Sarah to help me reorganize and downsize my large, out-of-control house. And then, once I decided to sell the house and purchase a condo, I hired Sarah again to help me pack and move.  Her work was superb in all respects, and in retrospect I don't think I could have successfully moved without her help."



"I've often heard that married couples argue about two things; sex and money. Well in my house, the main topic for marital discourse is my extreme glass bottle and jar collection, which was bursting the seams of my cabinets. Sarah's patience and clear communication was exactly what I needed to clear out my old bottles and send them to the recycling center! Thank you Sarah, for not only helping me reclaim lots of space in my kitchen but for helping keep the peace in my marriage."


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