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Sarah's Story

I love creating beautifully organized spaces.

I think I was born organizing! Even as a small child I loved to bring order to spaces. One of my favorite things to do was to organize my father's art studio. I would color coordinate his paints by brand, put paint brushes in jars, and pile up his papers. When I was finished, I felt satisfied and happy- it had an order to it and it looked beautiful!


For years, I thought everyone was like me and loved turning cluttered, confusing spaces into peaceful, functional havens.  But I soon realized that sorting, evaluating, and letting go of items that no longer had meaning or purpose did not come naturally to many people. Friends began asking me to help them go through their attics, neighbors wanted me to help them move, and community leaders hired me to bring order to their events.

Sarah Thompson Clean Slate Home Organzing

I started to notice that when people transform their space by letting go of clutter, it allows for new possibilities in their life and their home. I saw people discover how powerful it was to design systems that worked specifically for them and their living space.  I watched friends, neighbors, and people I admire become more calm and content as a result of our work together.  I was delighted, and so were they!


I believe that each of us deserves a space that feels calm and inspiring and that truly works for our life.  I would love to help you get there.

-Sarah Thompson
Professional Home Organizer

P.S. I work with clients in-person and virtually in Vermont and around the country.

I am so fortunate to have a great team.

Rebecca Reynolds 

Rebecca sees possibilities. She has a gift for looking at spaces and objects and then reimagining their potential. Where a client might perceive chaos and disorder, Rebecca sees the opportunity for beauty, functionality, and calm. 


Rebecca’s intention is to help you shift from feeling overwhelmed by the state of your belongings to feeling inspired and calm when you open a drawer or walk into your space.  Whether she’s transforming a craft room, sorting through mementos, or decluttering a kitchen cupboard, she listens deeply and her supportive presence makes the whole process of organizing unfold with ease.  Her hope is that by the end of the project you will see your belongings in a new light and feel a sense of awe at how beautiful the space feels and how inviting it is to use. 


Rebecca’s roots in Vermont run deep. She’s a fifth generation Vermonter and has more than 10 years of experience as a specialized exercise trainer with oncology patients at the University of Vermont Medical Center. She brings to Clean Slate her natural ability to develop relaxed and connected relationships that meet clients exactly where they are while supporting them on a clear path forward. Passionate about finding beauty in unexpected places, Rebecca also loves refinishing furniture, exploring with her dog, and renovating her 18th century farmhouse on South Hero.  

Rebecca Clean Slate.HEIC


"My house was a mess from years of holding on to things (that I really didn’t need) and from being ‘handed down’ furniture and photographs and everything else you can imagine, from my parents. I was embarrassed by the mess and the amount of stuff I had. Sarah was completely non-judgmental and accepting. She didn’t bat an eye!


I never thought I would have hired someone to help me organize but it truly was the best decision!!"

Mary | Hinesburg, Vermont

How It Works


  • CONNECT: A project begins with a phone conversation or email exchange about your needs.   

  • ASSESS: We’ll find a three-hour block of time when we can meet at your house. You’ll give me a “tour” of the project area and let me know what you like about it and what's not working about that particular space. We'll discuss your project, your organizational style, and your hopes for your home after our work together.  Then we'll get going.

  • EVALUATE: Together we’ll evaluate your most meaningful belongings so that you can decide if an item is going to support the vision you have of your future and of your space.

  • KEEP, TOSS, SELL, DONATE: You and I will work side-by-side sorting, de-cluttering and finding the perfect home for treasured items.  

  • PUT AWAY: We won't leave your home a mess! We'll put everything away before we finish so that your space is beautiful and functional.

  • FINISH: We will make a plan for removing "giveaway" items from your home, and we will schedule another session, if needed.  Your space will have a renewed flow to it, and all the organization systems we put in place will be ones you can keep on your own. Our session will close with you feeling so much lighter.

  • ENJOY: Let your newfound space nurture you!

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