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I can help you create space for transformation.


Where would you like to start?


I'd love to help create a space that truly works for you. If you're interested in home organizing or moving services, please book a complimentary 20-minute phone call so we can talk about your space. For all other inquiries, please email me at


"I am forever grateful for Sarah. We met last summer at a time when my home felt way overcrowded with stuff leftover from my deceased parents’ and grandparents’ homes and a second home I had recently sold.  Sarah came in and expertly, gently, helped me sort through everything, part with things and find places for unwanted stuff to go. 


She is caring and compassionate, understanding how difficult the process of letting go can be.  Sarah is a natural expert in her organizational skills and sets about the task of creating order from chaos in a patient, nonjudgmental manner.  She’s become a lifeline for me."


Jan | Charlotte, Vermont

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