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Minimize stress and maximize efficiency with a simplified approach to downsizing.

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"Sarah helped me reorganize and downsize my large, out-of-control house. Her work was superb in all respects, and  I don't think I could have successfully moved without her help."

Mark | Burlington, Vermont

Simplify an overwhelming time. 

If even the thought of dealing with all of your belongings feels overwhelming, please know that you do not have to do this alone. My support is gentle, kind, and encouraging. I'll help you reassess those things that bring you joy so you can more easily decide what to keep, donate or sell. Together we'll sort through your belongings and hone in on what you need to feel settled in your next home. 

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My guided, organized approach to downsizing is designed to make the process meaningful, enjoyable, rewarding, and full of ease and connection.

We'll assess what you have. Downsizing begins with thoughtfully assessing which belongings you love, and what you want to bring to your new space.

We'll celebrate and reflect on your life. Downsizing becomes an opportunity to laugh, grieve, offer gratitude, and nurture connection as you create a joy-filled next chapter. 

We'll identify what to keep, sell, or donate. With kindness and compassion, I can help you identify which items to take to your new space and how your other belongings can have new life.

We'll make a plan for moving forward. If you know where you'll be moving next, we can assess your new space and create a plan for all your treasured possessions so when the time comes, you can settle in with ease.

If you'd like more more information about my approach to downsizing, here's my Seven Step Downsizing Process.

  • When's the best time to start downsizing?
    Time is your most valuable resource when it comes to downsizing. I often encourage my clients to give themselves two or three years to go through all of their belongings so they have the spaciousness to determine what is truly important to them. Of course many people don't have the luxury of time, and in situations where a move is right around the corner, I bring calm and ease into the process.
  • Would you ever pressure me to get rid of items?
    I never push folks to pass along things before they are ready. I am here as a guide to support you as you make decisions that are right for you. In fact, I'll often suggest that you place your treasures on featured shelves for a while so that you can truly enjoy all the memories that the object offers. Sometimes clients discover that after a few weeks they are ready to let go of the item, other times they realize how much they love it and are grateful that it is now prominently displayed. Either way, the process gets you closer to creating space for what you love and for making space for your future. This is your process. You get to go at the pace that works for you.
  • My parents need to move soon. Do you work with seniors?
    I love working with seniors! Downsizing is overwhelming for anyone and it can be especially challenging for seniors. I regularly support individuals as well as couples to downsize before a significant move. Together we make a plan, sort through belongings, share stories, handle sentimental items, and understand what will be sold, donated or brought to the new space. If the move is local, I can also help set up the new home so everything is organized and feels supportive for this next chapter.
  • I have so many things that hold such special memories. Any advice?
    I believe that memories of special times and loved ones are to be treasured. I encourage you to spend as much time as you need with all your belongings, retelling stories and sharing what the items evoke for you. Oftentimes my clients find that when they are able to connect with the memory and the sense of love and joy and gratitude that is sparked by an item, they realize that the memory is what is precious not the object. I also invite you to check out my blog post: Three Steps for Organizing Sentimental Items.


Clean Slate's moving support services are tailored to suit your individual needs. Here's how we can support you:

Strategic planning. We'll create a timeline so details don't fall through the cracks. You can relax, knowing you have an extra set of hands with years of experience to guide you through the move. 


Pre-packing decluttering. As a professional home organizer, I will help you sort, declutter, re-organize and remove things you no longer need to ensure that you take only the things you love to your new home. 

Prepare your home for selling. Most homes don't need to be staged to show well. Together, we'll tend to the cluttered or disorganized spaces to create a welcoming and inviting environment that allows your home's best features to shine

Settle in with ease: From moving-day support to thoughtfully setting up and organizing your now home, I can help you create space for what's important.

Interior Design Downsizing or Moving organizing services



Bring ease to your big transition.

Book a free, 20 minute discovery call so we can explore how you can get the downsizing and moving support you need during this transition.

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