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Experience the calm and connection that emerge when your living space works for you.

With energy, compassion, and a sense of humor, I take you from the dread of tackling stuffed filing cabinets, chaotic kitchen drawers, and overflowing closets, to the calm satisfaction that comes from having a living space that reflects your unique organizational needs.

After reducing clutter in your home by thoroughly and strategically evaluating items for meaning and purpose, we implement systems that help you get organized and stay organized.

Together, we will accomplish what you might simply not have the focus, energy or desire to do on your own, and we will create a beautifully organized living space that works for you.

Modern Country House professional home organizer


When we connect to what we love, whether it is a an item, an activity or a person, it feels so good to prioritize the space and time it occupies in our lives.

I encourage you to focus on what you DO want, so that it is easier to let go of the "stuff" that is a distraction.

Nature is inherently organized, and we can learn a lot from its rhythms of growth, decay and rebirth. Healthy pruning makes way for luscious Spring growth. We are always growing, no matter how long we live, and clutter can inhibit that growth.

Home organizing does more than free up physical space. It creates emotional freedom to move forward in your evolution.


Even if organizing doesn't come naturally to you, I can help you discover your own unique organizing style which makes getting and staying organized so much easier.

When you learn to organize in a way that makes sense to you, a surprising thing happens: you find yourself eager to maintain the systems and approaches that bring you such peace and clarity. 

Together we will create efficient systems that save you time, so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

professional home organizer Wooden Book Shelves
Cozy Room professional home organizer


When we have items in our house that truly support us, uplift us, bring us joy, and help connect us to ourselves and others, we can experience home as a place of rest.

Our possessions hold valuable lessons for us. They can help us come to a deeper appreciation of our life's journey. It is important to learn what we can from our things before getting rid of them, so I encourage you to keep items (at least temporarily) that hold a strong emotional charge until we can unravel what lies behind the emotional attachment. 

By gently examining your relationship to your possessions, you'll begin to understand why you hold onto certain items, even when they no longer have a purpose or hold meaning. ​And then, only when you are ready, you might decide to let go.


"Sarah has helped transform my home from a place where I merely “keep things” to a true sanctuary that is filled with intention that is reflective of who I am.

My mind, heart and spirit feel more spacious and alive. I have worked with professional organizers before, but Sarah is far more than that. Her talent for and skill in making your space come alive with your energy is unmatched."

Lori | South Burlington, Vermont


Are you ready to say "yes" to a home you love being in? 

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