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Donating furniture is one way to recognize the strength and courage it takes for new mothers to break the cycle of addiction so they can be a loving, stable presence for their children.


Get involved

Sarah Thompson

My clients often have furniture that they no longer need, and over the years, I've seen that folks usually have a much easier time passing along their belongings when they know that their items will have a meaningful next life.

That's where Wraparound Families comes in. The Wraparound Families Project is a Clean Slate initiative that honors and celebrates the dignity and courage of moms who are moving into their first apartment with their children. Through Wraparound Families, Clean Slate community members donate furniture and household items so that moms transitioning out of Lund’s residential recovery program have beautiful, furnished spaces where they can raise their children.

I invite you to scroll down to see which items we are currently accepting and learn ways you can get involved in the project.

Do you have furniture to donate?

Let's honor and celebrate the dignity and courage of moms who are moving into their first apartment with their children.

We are currently seeking these items:

  • small bookshelves

  • lamps

  • dressers (not super heavy)

  • small dining table and chairs (for max 4 people)

  • bed frames (not mattresses at this time)

  • couches - on the smaller side (no 7 footers!)

  • comfy chairs

  • household items (matching dish sets, glasses, flatware, pots and pans)

If you have a special item that is not on this list but would be perfect for a young mom and her child, please reach out to me:

Common Questions

What is Lund?

Lund is a remarkable non-profit that has been supporting Vermont families for 132 years. They offer an integrated array of services -- education, treatment, adoption and family support -- to ensure that every child grows up in a safe, loving and secure family. I've been volunteering with Lund for years and am so impressed by Lund's mission and programs.

Where did the idea for Wraparound Families come from?

​For years I had been nurturing a dream to activate the compassion of the Clean Slate community to support young women who are in the process of creating loving homes for their children. I realized we could support the amazing young women in Lund's programs and relieve some of their financial stress by furnishing their first apartment with beautiful items that Clean Slate clients were ready to pass along.

What's the hope for Wraparound Families?

The real impulse for Wraparound Families is deeper than just relieving the financial stress. I want these young moms to realize that they are not alone -- that community members are supporting their success and honoring their commitment to their children.


What are some ways to get involved in this project?

By becoming involved in The Wraparound Families Project, you are are recognizing and acknowledging a mother’s bravery and hard work in choosing to be the best parent she can be.

  • Donate your beautiful, high quality furniture and give it a new, meaningful life.

  • Pick up donated furniture in your area. If you have a couple of hours a month and a large vehicle, you could make a huge difference.

  • Host a collection drive for housewarming baskets. Encourage your business, book group, family members, colleagues, etc to collect new kitchen items (see list below).

  • Tell others about the project.


What’s Wraparound Families biggest need right now?

In addition to high quality furniture, we need local movers and/or community members who have a large vehicle and would like to volunteer to pick up donated furniture and bring it to our storage unit in Williston. If this is you, or you know anyone who could do this, please let me know.

Get Involved
Wraparound Families Baskets.png

If you don't have furniture to donate,
here's how you can help.


Simply purchase one or more of the household goods listed below and drop off the items at Precision Chiropractic in Williston or use the form below to request a pick up. I'll gather the items and put together the housewarming baskets which will be given to new mothers and families on moving day, along with snacks and flowers to celebrate the start of a new chapter in their life. 

All items need to be in new condition.

  • Cooking Utensils are the number one need right now!

  • Ladles, spatulas, knives, flatware, etc.

  • Hand Soap/Body Wash

  • Hand Lotion

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Pampering Spa items for moms (eg. face masks, bath salts, essential oils)

  • Small plush toys

  • Gift Cards to Grocery Stores or Home Goods/TJMaxx

"I am proud to support the Wraparound Families Project and the women who are continuing their journey of making powerful decisions for themselves and their families. The housewarming baskets are a way of demonstrating that there is a community of people saying, 'We see you, we support you and we believe in you.' I thank Sarah and her amazing heart for creating this project and for fostering such a sense of home and community."  

- Dr. Allison Bogan | Precision Chiropractic

Image by Joshua Rodriguez

How would you like to be involved in the Wraparound Families Project?

Wraparond Families Form

With gratitude to the organizations that make this project possible:

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Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 5.57.17 PM.png

If you’d like to make a financial donation directly to Lund to support all of their fabulous programs, please click their logo.

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