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with Sarah Thompson

Create a successful home organizing business tailored to your unique gifts and needs.

An eight week mentoring program to guide you through the process of setting up and growing your business so you can take your next steps with confidence.

Alleviate uncertainty

Program Name could be what you’ve been wishing for, especially if:

  • You want to turn your love of organizing into a business, but you’re afraid of making mistakes and don’t know where to begin.


  • You believe that organizing is more than just arranging physical items. You know the organizing process connects us to something deeper than how a space simply looks.


  • Many of the business resources that you’ve looked into seem designed for people with bigger business ideas. You want practical advice scaled to you.


  • You want a nurturing mentor who is both gentle and direct – someone who can help you take the next steps, stay on track, and reflect on your own journey.

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Accelerate your start

This is your invitation to:

Get to the heart of what you do. Design your business in a way that integrates your passion for organizing with your other passions and values.


Clarify your path forward. Create a streamlined business structure that allows you to joyfully work with your ideal clients.


Reach your ideal clients. Develop your foundational marketing strategies so you can begin building your community right away.

Start and grow your business efficiently. Know what you are good at, where you need support, and what resources are available.

Build confidence in what you have to offer.

Summary of the 8 week program

1.  Uncovering your deeper why and taking a deep dive into how your business reflects and supports your personal journey.


2. Understanding your unique organizing approach and articulating your process of working with clients.


3. Simplifying your business structure, offerings, and sales processes.


4. Identifying the technology and resources you need to streamline your work. 


5. Refining your skills, asking for support, and increasing your confidence.


6. Designing a marketing plan that draws on your natural gifts and reaches those who need what you do.


7. Integrating your business into your life by creating boundaries and quieting the fears that emerge when you start making your business a reality.


8. Developing a road map for your business so you are clear on your next steps and have benchmarks tailored to what’s important to you.

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Why I'm the mentor for you

I organize from the heart and have built a successful business by trusting my intuition.

I was afraid too!

When I started my business, I felt adrift and overwhelmed. You don’t have to do it alone. 

I combine softness + focus.

My style is practical and nurturing. I’ll tell it to you straight, with a lot of heart.

I prioritize steady action

I believe that taking action is the best way to build trust and confidence in yourself.

What you will receive

  • Name is an 8 week program


  • We’ll start with a 90 minute call where we'll uncover your organizing purpose, and identify the first steps you need to take for your business.


  • We’ll continue with 60 minute sessions over the following seven weeks to build your roadmap for moving forward.


  • You’ll leave each session with at least two assignments to help you  bring your goals to life – one activity will encourage you to reflect on your business, and the other will prompt you to take action in the community.


  • I'll offer gentle accountability and practical resources to support you as you launch and grow your business.

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Your commitment includes

  • Showing up fully for our mentoring session each week.


  • Devoting 2-3 hours a week to business activities outside of the call.


  • Working with at least one client during the first month of mentoring. (Your client can be a friend or a family member).

How to be a great fit for Name of Program

  • You’ve already worked with a few clients – maybe for free, maybe for pay – and you have a sense of what you enjoy about the process.


  • You’ve looked at your schedule and you've decided that you can devote time and energy to yourself and your business for eight consecutive weeks.


  • You are ready to take action. You want a successful business and can’t wait to connect with clients!

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Pricing & Application


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