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Take your next steps with confidence and get paid well for doing what you love.

Are you curious about starting a home organizing business but don't know where to begin? Want to figure out how much to charge or the best way to structure your services? Wondering how to get clients or how to market your work without the overwhelm?

I waited more than 10 years to start my business, and I don't want that to be you! Instead, my mentoring program gives you the knowledge and support I wish I'd had when I was just starting out. I'm here to support you and show you that it's possible to turn your passion and skills for home organizing into a thriving business.

Three ways we could work together.

Home organizing mentoring is completely customizable. I draw on my years of experience as a successful home organizer and I meet you wherever you are on your business journey. We will design the mentoring experience around your priorities and needs.

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Ask Me Anything Session

Get as many questions answered as you would like during this efficient, one hour call. You'll be motivated to take action as you build your business around the life you want to live.


Focused Mentoring

Over three sessions, we'll focus where you need it most. You'll receive customized support and accountability to start or grow your business in a way that's aligned with your goals and priorities.


Full Mentoring Package

Build trust and confidence in yourself as you start and grow your business. These ten mentoring sessions are designed for those who are eager to launch their vision, whether part or full time.

My Story

When I started my home organizing business I was terrified to take even the tiniest step. I never doubted that I was an excellent organizer, but I had virtually no confidence in myself as a business owner. I was so afraid of making mistakes and I wondered how I would find clients who would pay me for what I loved to do. 

Now, six years later, I am fully booked. I organize from the heart and have built a successful business by trusting my intuition.


I love my work! My business supports me, my family and my community, and it has become an expression of my values and an avenue for my growth. I'm in awe at how home organizing transforms relationships and lives, and I love helping new home organizers discover their unique gifts so they can create the business of their dreams.


“Sarah’s mentoring program has made a huge impact on the way I think about entrepreneurship and home organizing. Her advice and expertise is down to earth and helped me grow in more ways than I could imagine."

Sara L.

Interior Decor


Mentoring sessions can help you:

Uncover your deeper why by taking a deep dive into how your business reflects and aligns with your purpose.

Define your niche, understand your unique organizing approach and articulate your process of working with clients.

Cultivate client relationships by using your intuition, listening deeply, and asking purposeful questions when you are in a client's home or working with them virtually. 

Accelerate profitability by having a clear understanding of your expenses and the confidence to know when and how to spend money on your business.

Market with heart by designing a marketing plan that draws on your natural gifts and reaches those who need what you do.

Streamline your work by simplifying your business structure, offerings, and sales processes, and identifying the technology and resources you need to work efficiently.

Foster balance by refining your skills, asking for support, and prioritizing your personal well-being while growing your business in a sustainable way. Creating boundaries and quieting the fears that emerge when you start making your business a reality.

  • When's the best time to start downsizing?
    Time is your most valuable resource when it comes to downsizing. I often encourage my clients to give themselves two or three years to go through all of their belongings so they have the spaciousness to determine what is truly important to them. Of course many people don't have the luxury of time, and in situations where a move is right around the corner, I bring calm and ease into the process.
  • Would you ever pressure me to get rid of items?
    I never push folks to pass along things before they are ready. I am here as a guide to support you as you make decisions that are right for you. In fact, I'll often suggest that you place your treasures on featured shelves for a while so that you can truly enjoy all the memories that the object offers. Sometimes clients discover that after a few weeks they are ready to let go of the item, other times they realize how much they love it and are grateful that it is now prominently displayed. Either way, the process gets you closer to creating space for what you love and for making space for your future. This is your process. You get to go at the pace that works for you.
  • My parents need to move soon. Do you work with seniors?
    I love working with seniors! Downsizing is overwhelming for anyone and it can be especially challenging for seniors. I regularly support individuals as well as couples to downsize before a significant move. Together we make a plan, sort through belongings, share stories, handle sentimental items, and understand what will be sold, donated or brought to the new space. If the move is local, I can also help set up the new home so everything is organized and feels supportive for this next chapter.
  • I have so many things that hold such special memories. Any advice?
    I believe that memories of special times and loved ones are to be treasured. I encourage you to spend as much time as you need with all your belongings, retelling stories and sharing what the items evoke for you. Oftentimes my clients find that when they are able to connect with the memory and the sense of love and joy and gratitude that is sparked by an item, they realize that the memory is what is precious not the object. I also invite you to check out my blog post: Three Steps for Organizing Sentimental Items.


“Sarah asks great questions that really help me think about my 'why', and she's always willing to talk things through when I have questions about working with clients and running a successful home organizing business. I would highly recommend Sarah's mentoring program to anyone looking to start their own business or side gig in home organizing, or any industry really!”



Ready to take your next steps with confidence?

Schedule a free, 20-minute discovery call with me so we can chat about your love for home organizing and how mentoring can support you. 

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