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Discover an opportunity for connection (Downsizing: Part 3)

Downsizing – no matter what your age or life stage – truly can be an opportunity for gratitude for your life.

Grandma making jam and sharing memories

It is less difficult to embrace the task of letting go of things when we can see that there's a reward for our efforts. Imagine approaching downsizing as an opportunity to celebrate you and your loved ones instead of as a dreaded task that must be rushed through.

When my clients give themselves the time and space to downsize, the process becomes an opportunity to reflect on their lives – where they’ve come from, where they are now, and where they are headed. My clients are amazed at how downsizing becomes a meaningful way to celebrate and share all the things in their life.

I encourage my clients to use downsizing as a way to share their amazing life experiences with their family. Sharing who you are and all you've accomplished does not necessarily mean giving people your belongings. Rather, share the memories and the stories that the items sparked. Some people even find ways of recording the stories, as a way to preserve an oral history of the family.

Use the process of downsizing to tell those you care about why certain things in your life are important to you and why. You will likely find that your loved ones value their connection with you far more than a piece of furniture or a set of china.

In this way, downsizing shifts from a lonely, overwhelming task, to an opportunity for connection, reflection, and celebration.


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