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Baby Playing with Building Blocks Family Calm

Thoughtful rhythms and spaces nurture


Nurture connection and harmony in ways that support you and your kids.

Time management is not just for the office! Families need daily rhythms, thoughtful schedules, and well-designed spaces that match their children's development. 


I work with all kinds of busy families who are yearning to bring calm to their lives. I start by observing your children's natural rhythms of play and rest and then we focus on creating more connection and harmony in your household by establishing patterns, systems and spaces that support you and your kids.


Family Calm woman with baby


Children thrive with rhythm and routine, and one of the best things we can do for our children is provide daily routines that support their natural need for rhythm.

When your family rhythms are unsettled, your children will be sure to let you know that it's not working for them! I work closely with parents who long for more ease.  Together we bring a balance of work, play and rest into your family life so that you and your child experience more calm and connection.


You'll learn to observe patterns and easily adjust rhythms so that your relationship with your children is filled with spaciousness.


Parenting can be hard, and sometimes it feels impossible to sustain a deep loving, supportive connection with your child while trying to juggle all that's required to simply get through the day.

But being tired, overwhelmed and full of doubts about your parenting is not sustainable either.

You know your child better than anyone, but sometimes you forget, or don't know how to access your parenting wisdom. This wisdom is grounded, centered and steadying. It fosters connection and ease.

Your child needs the full you - the wise, clear thinking, calm you that knows exactly what your child needs in order to thrive. I'll help you explore ways to connect to your parenting genius so you can bring harmony to family life.

Family Calm Mother with her Two Kids
Kids Gardening Family Calm


Children need to know that they play a meaningful role in the fabric of family life. But how do you build the rhythm of happy helpers into your home?

I work with parents who want to decrease power struggles around chores, and increase their children's confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Together we will create a clear rhythm of age-appropriate, meaningful work. I'll show you how to support your children and yourself as they are learning new habits, and you'll learn to value their contributions from a place of neutrality.

The result? Less stress and frustration for you and your kids and more flexibility, confidence, creativity and dependability in your family.


I work with parents online and in-person.

I combine my experience as a mom of four with my expertise in designing home/life systems to help you connect with your parenting wisdom and create rhythms, routines, and spaces that work for you and your child.  I offer two coaching options:


  • Online sessions: One-hour coaching sessions

  • In person: Two-hour sessions in your home with our without your children present


With either option, I observe the systems you have in place, help you tweak and organize the play space so that it better supports your child, and offer specific strategies for you to experience more connection, calm, and joy with your child.

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