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3 Steps for Organizing Sentimental Objects

Learn how to gently cut ties with the belongings that might be holding you back

and create the space for what the future holds.

It is a profound gift to yourself to organize your space with love. Yet, when it comes to sentimental objects, the layers of emotion and memory that we associate with each object can obscure what we wish to bring into our lives now.

Some sentimental objects are truly precious. They remind us of a person, or a time in our life. They bring us joy and comfort. And then there are those items that may have been precious once, but now have strings attached. So why is it that even though these items hold guilt, sadness and stagnant energy, we still can not bare to part with them?

Here’s my three step process for approaching sentimental objects with love.

1. Connect

Let your eyes fall on one sentimental object in your living space. Pick it up, if possible. Bring to mind the people, places, and experiences that you associate with this object. Let yourself get lost in the memory and the feelings. Really be present to all the ways you feel connected to this object.

2. Reflect

How have you grown since this object came into your life? When you think about what you would like to make room for in your life, does this object - and the memories and feelings connected to it - support your path forward or inhibit your growth? Does it invite what you want to feel when you enter your space?

3. Choose

I invite you to keep items that support you as you move toward your future. If the object you hold does support your future, find a place of honor for it in your home. If it doesn't, acknowledge with gratitude whatever positive attachment you once had toward the item, and then move it out of your house.

Don't rush to purge items that you have strong feelings about. If you are not sure about an object or if an item is tugging at your heart even though your head says it is time to let it go, put the item in a place where you can see it everyday. Let the memories it holds nourish you. Keep it out for a while and then gently revisit it to see if it still supports who you are becoming. Sometimes when I do this exercise, I discover that after a few days I am ready to pass on something that I once cherished. Other times I find I am not ready to let go, and that's OK!


As you spend time with objects that hold sentimental value, know that you are giving yourself such a gift. You are bringing love and intentionality into your home and your life. You are honoring what supports you and releasing that which you no longer need. You are organizing with love.


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