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Assess Your Seasonal Gear and Make Space for Spring!

De-clutter your seasonal gear and create space for what's important now.

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As I look out the window in my home office, I see the first signs of spring.

Some of the new growth, such as my favorite flowers, lilies of the valley, emerge without me having to do a thing. But most of my garden needs to be readied for the season. The leaves from last year need to be removed from the ground, branches need to be trimmed, the first weeds need to be pulled. I do this with joy, knowing that spectacular beauty will soon follow. It reminds me of the feeling I get when I declutter a space to make room for what's next!

Spring invites healthy pruning - at home and in nature. In this season of emergence and color, let's create space to grow and connect through thoughtful decluttering.

This is the perfect time to assess your seasonal gear so that you can more easily spend time outside this spring. Check the mudroom, storage bins, closets, and drawers for seasonal outerwear and gear. Declutter those items that no longer fit, are stained, or have holes. If you have multiple children and intend to save some Winter gear for the younger ones, put the items in a storage bin clearly labeled “Winter'' and place it in your storage area. Pack away the Winter gear that can be used again next year in a bin clearly labeled Winter/Fall and let go of the items that are no longer useful for your family.

Think of this process as healthy indoor pruning to make space for outdoor fun and connection!

To learn the system I use to organize seasonal gear, check out my post on Mudroom Management.


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