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How can you create spaciousness now?

Even though I am busy, I feel lighter just by asking myself how to create spaciousness.

I’ve been incredibly blessed these last few months with a very full work schedule. (Thank you for all of your referrals!) The constant busyness became an invitation for me to take my own suggestion and explore how I could allow for an abundance of time in my day —time when I can just let myself move at a pace that is natural for me, full of joy and ease.

I’ve discovered two things: it’s very hard for me to give myself this time, and that it’s the days when I feel like I don’t have time to be “unscheduled” that I actually need it the most.

Of course we know that it’s not just children who need space in the day without the pressures of work or school or activity. Adults also need the space to just be, to restore, and reset. For some of us, moving in the direction of spaciousness might look like gardening, listening to music, lying on the couch, or tinkering, while others might find joy and ease in reading, going on a walk, calling a friend, or simply taking a breath and looking out the window.

Allowing for the abundance of time in your day is not necessarily about adding more activities you love; rather it’s about welcoming the feeling of expansiveness and abundance — however you experience it.

I invite you to give yourself the permission and time today to pause —even for a moment — and not do not do anything except follow where your heart takes you.

I can help you discover the synergy between your space, systems and priorities so that you can begin to cultivate new patterns and bring more harmony and ease to your life.


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