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A Two Minute Organizing Tip for the Home or Office

When we connect to what we love, whether it is an item, an activity or a person, it feels so good to give it the space and time it deserves in our life!

And yet, so often we hold onto things because they held meaning for us at one time. Even when these things no longer fit with who we have become, we fail to let go of them.

This two minute activity has become one of my new favorites. It is so simple and powerful. I encourage you to try it and let me know what you experience.

1. Look around your space right now. Pause from reading this, look up from your phone or computer, and take a breath.

2. Let your eyes scan for one item that you truly love and another that is simply taking up space. (You may not hate the item that’s taking up space; you may even feel neutral about it. It simply catches your eye because it doesn’t serve you.)

3. Remove that item you don’t love from your space today. Pick up the item and, if needed, acknowledge the joy it once brought you. Then, pass it along, recycle it, throw it away. Let it go.

4. Celebrate that you are making room for something new in your life.

Go ahead! See what’s possible when you give yourself two minutes to create space for what you love.


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