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Heavy Load

So often people live with their clutter for months, feeling embarrassed or ashamed about how messy their space is.

Sometimes people stare at their clutter and chaos for months before they finally give me a call. You want to know why?

They tell me that they feel embarrassed or ashamed about how messy everything is. They wonder how it got so out of control or why they can't just do it on their own. 

The answer is simple: life. Life happens! If we get overwhelmed and stop organizing, or if we never knew how to organize in the first place, it is reflected in our space. The more out of control it gets, the more we ignore it. 

Yesterday, I started working with a woman who is generally very organized at work and at home. Except for one room. This one room had become what I like to call the “Toss and Forget About It” room. Except we don’t really forget about it. 

This woman had been carrying a heavy load of embarrassment for months because she just didn't know where to begin. 

It took us 30 minutes to come up with clear, actionable steps for her to reclaim her space and the look of relief on her face was precious. 

Don't wait until your organizational systems get out of whack and snowball into messy chaos and overwhelm. Just take one small step today. It will only take two minutes and you will feel so much more spacious.

My wish is that when you enter your space, you feel lighter, more connected, and more at ease. If your space brings up any feelings of heaviness or embarrassment, let's find a way to bring more movement and joy into your home.


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