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True abundance is having breathing room into your daily routine so you can nurture and replenish yourself with what you enjoy.

Epicurus said, "Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance." Those philosophers really knew what they were talking about! When we let go of all the things that do not bring us happiness and prioritize what we love, it allows us to bring awareness to the bounty of our lives. Many people have an abundance of things, but for me, the deeper connotations of abundance are gratitude, connection, and contentment. 

I saw this on Facebook the other day: "I am not an early bird or night owl. I am some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon." It's funny, right? I laughed. But it's not really that funny because it's a little too relatable for too many of us.

Our culture glorifies overworking to the point of exhaustion. That's why I love helping people build breathing room in their daily routines that nurture and replenish them so they can avoid burnout.

The takeaway for today is: TAKE TIME TO REST! How many of us keep pushing through the fatigue in an effort to finish the to do list? It's actually not very efficient. Our brains need rest too.

So, I invite you to declutter your schedule.

Next time you feel fatigued, I challenge you to stop. Take a break. Lay on the floor for 10 minutes. Meditate, stretch, take a short nap. Do something you enjoy.

Creating time for what you need is true abundance.


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