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Create a simple sanctuary of peace and beauty

The wonder of the natural world can inspire us to slow down and awaken to beauty.

Couple with moving boxes

I create mini havens of peace throughout my home as reminders to center myself. I gather items from nature when I'm walking in my neighborhood or on my favorite trail, and then bring the beauty of the ordinary, natural world into my home. These little sanctuaries might stay up for a few days or several weeks, just long enough to capture my attention and help me stay grounded in the rhythms of nature.

Perhaps you'd like to choose a small place in your home – a shelf, a corner of a desk, a bedside table, a centerpiece – and transform it into a peaceful sanctuary with something simple from nature.

Please release any need for perfection or artfulness around creating a sanctuary. This is not about beautifying your home (although that might be a result); rather it is simply an invitation to go out into nature, see what calls you, and bring back a few reminders of beauty, calm, and peace.


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