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Fall Invites "Enough-ness"

Nature is giving up her bounty this time of year. How can we harvest the gifts of the season and carry this time with us through the winter?

In September we often focus on the loss of summer, instead of eagerly welcoming the new rhythms that come with autumn. Now that it's October, deliberately noticing the change of temperature, light, colors, patterns, and routines can ground us in the abundance of the present moment, allowing us to experience the “enough-ness” of now, without longing for what was or getting caught up in what’s ahead.

Here are some ideas to embrace all that Fall offers:

Give yourself time to be outside. Pick apples, take a walk in a meadow, enjoy a last swim, hike with people you care about, regularly observe a nearby tree as its leaves turn, go to a harvest festival.

Be intentional about connecting with others. Traditionally, the harvest season has been a time to gather food and prepare for the unknown of the winter months. This year, with the lack of certainty around how the pandemic will unfold, it feels even more important to spend time with those who are important to us.

Create space for what’s important to you. Pick an area of your home, maybe the mudroom or the garage or a closet or a single drawer, and organize it so that it sets you up to enjoy the season.


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