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When it comes to home organizing, the pursuit of perfection will thwart all your best efforts if you are trying to live by someone else's version of it. Most people I work with don't want or need their home to look like a glossy magazine.

I like to take people on a journey to discover what "perfect" feels like to them. They explore and identify what is most important. From there, we develop systems that support those priorities. When there is synergy between the systems and the priorities, it leads to contentment.

What is perfect to me?

  • Lying on the couch, laughing with my girls.

  • Lingering at the table after dinner to hear their thoughts on relationships, politics and how they perceive the world. 

So I organize my daily routine to ensure that there is time for those things to happen. 

Perfect is not about what it looks like, it should be all feeling comforted and content in your home.


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