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Preparing to Move

Bring peace and joy to the moving process.

I often joke that while some kids were playing a sport or enjoying a hobby, I was learning to pack! I moved so often as a child that the process is baked into my DNA.

And years later, I'm one of those rare people who actually love the moving process!

When I meet with a new client, we start with a slow walk through their home. In addition to estimating how much time and how many boxes will be needed to pack up each room, I ask questions that really get to the heart of the move. If you are preparing to move within the next few months, I invite you to consider:

  • Is there a family member who is unhappy about the move? What do they need?

  • What would make this move feel easier for you?

  • How much stuff are you hoping to purge?

If moving feels like a burden, I encourage you to find the support that is right for you. Because each household is different, my menu of moving services is completely customizable and can be an inexpensive way to get targeted support. From packing up your kitchen to creating family-specific moving timelines to coordinating your entire move, my steady, strategic support can help make this transition as stress-free as possible.


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