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4 Ways to Have a Low Stress Move and Save Time & Money

I recently met with a financial advisor who was curious about my work. As I explained my step by step approach to supporting clients who are downsizing and moving, he said, “Oh, so clients hire you to help them save money over time AND make their lives easier.” Exactly!  


My steady, organized support allows clients to sell their home more quickly (because their space is organized and free of clutter) and move with less stress. They know exactly what to do each week and can rely on my practical guidance and hands-on support throughout the process.


If you or someone you know will be moving this year, here’s what I would recommend:


1. Give yourself plenty of time

If possible, allow 8-12 weeks to prepare your home for selling and to get ready to move.


2. Get organized and make a doable plan 

Create a week by week plan that clarifies what needs to be done, how long the work will take and who is going to do it.  


3. Clear out the clutter and pack strategically

Shed the items you no longer use and be sure that every item that you pack is needed and loved. De-cluttering also helps potential buyers more easily envision themselves in your current home. 


4. Honor the transition

Beyond food and water, shelter is one of our most primal needs, and so even if you are happy about an upcoming move, it is likely that this transition will bring up a lot of emotions.  Be sure to attend to your own needs and do what you can to calm the frayed nerves of other family members.


A special note for those who are downsizing.

Even contemplating getting rid of 1/2 -2/3 of your belongings can be paralyzing. If you are moving into a smaller space, it is especially helpful to begin this process as far in advance as possible so that there is plenty of time to sift through a lifetime of memories, accomplishments and stories. I guide my clients through this enormous transition in a gentle, thoughtful way so that when it comes time to pack up and move to a much smaller space, they feel happy and satisfied with what they have chosen to bring with them.


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