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Creating a Calm & Connected Holiday Season

Celebrate what matters most.

I look forward to this season of light all year. I can't wait to unpack my decorations, put on festive music and create a sanctuary of peace, generosity and joy for myself and my family. For me, this is the time to celebrate what matters most.

1. Be Intentional Now

Before the rush of catalogs, turkeys, presents and shopping begins, take some time over the next few weeks to consider your priorities for the Holiday season. If you want it to be calm and connected, what activities are most important? Can the pandemic offer the gift of letting go of the traditions you never really liked? Once you know what you want, start conversations with your loved ones about their hopes and expectations so that you enter the season aware of what is important to each person.

2. Savor the Pause

The rituals surrounding Advent, Hanukkah and Solstice give us the opportunity for quiet contemplation and inner reflection. Find simple ways to gather with family and friends to celebrate bringing light into the deepening darkness. Make time for yourself too; create space during your days (even if it's just a few moments here and there) to center yourself and reflect on your own light.

3. Play with Gratitude

Offer appreciation generously! Share a smile, pick up the phone, send a text, make a meal, write a note, offer a kind word, clear a path...go out of your way to offer small gestures of love.

4. Try Something New Outside

Bring the celebration outdoors...snow shoe, go ice skating on a pond, or sit around a bonfire with hot chocolate. String some lights outdoors in the trees, or transform your patio into a Hygge gathering spot! Let nature nurture you and have fun.

5. Remember: Less is Really More

We usually bombard our kids with millions of toys (guilty when my kids were little), but none of us needs a million gifts! Choose carefully, intentionally and with love. When possible, offer gifts of experiences instead of items.

6. Slow Down and Create Space for What You Love

Choose your social engagements wisely. Don't overburden yourself or your kids with endless activities. You/they don't need to do EVERYTHING! Welcome events that truly foster meaning, connection and delight. Give yourself permission to say no, because when you do, you claim space for what's most important to you.


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