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Gifts that Express Gratitude and Love

How can we honor our relationships in a truly meaningful way?

I'm a big advocate for creating space in your home for what you love, and so this year I'm putting a focus on gifts that foster connection with loved-ones and moving away from the frenzy of buying gifts. For each person on my list, I'm asking myself:

What is special between the two of us that could be strengthened by an experience or with some time together?

Perhaps you and your niece share a love of animals and you could make a donation to charity in her name; maybe you and your friend both value the outdoors and a hike together followed by a lunch date would foster connection; perhaps you could show your appreciation and love for a family member with a weekend away or a special night out.

Some of my most cherished gifts were handmade. You might not see yourself as artsy or crafty, but everyone has some sort of creative fire. Perhaps you've always wanted to try woodworking or photography or baking. Or maybe, like my husband, you have a gift with words and are inspired to write notes of deep appreciation that will be treasured for years. Who doesn't love a homemade gift?

Remember, items and experiences imbued with love don’t need to be perfect! Just the act of giving something from the heart builds connection.


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